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Reader’s Choice Monday

Every Monday, God willing and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be fielding topics sent in by you, my obliging readers. Anything you want me to discuss? Shoot me a note in the comments. I read all of them because I’m just that full of myself.

9/17:  On PBS Kids and how they are raping my childhood memories by coming up with reboots, re-workings, re-imaginings and spinoffs (spits on the ground) of beloved children’s programming from my youth. And don’t get me started on the Disney channel. Oh. Too late.

9/24: On the phrase “gilded by gaslight”. I’m going to see what I can do with that.

10/1: On the perception of how I’m expected to act based on what I do and what I believe versus how I act because of who I am.

10/8: On which is the greater abomination, My Little Pony or the Star Wars special editions.

10/15: On the giant suck-hole that is Reality TV.

10/22: On the glorification of celebrity and being famous for famous’ sake.

10/29: On Twilight. *shudders*

11/5: On the deification of mothers and how women who are childless are perceived in contrast.

11/12: On chickens. It’s close to Thanksgiving, so I may include turkeys as well.

11/19: On the current obsession with organics, raw diets, and veganism. I will likely write this while eating a plate of ribs and washing it down with Oreos.

11/26: On whether cartoons were better when we were kids or not.

12/3: On being a Catholic and having many gay friends and how I reconcile the two in my life.



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