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The Jury is Still Out January 31, 2013

Posted by J. in Genius.

Or rather, it’s about to be seated and sit in judgement of my goodies.

I’m applying for my first juried show, and it’s a biggun. Now, there are a lot of obstacles between me and this show. It’s far away, it’s expensive to get into (and to get to), and it would mean quite a few days away from home. But the first hurdle is I have to get in.

For the uninitiated, a juried show means they look at your items and decide if you’re a good fit. Sometimes it’s just to make sure you’re actually selling handmade items and not just passing off imports, but in this case, the show is selective about their vendors and chooses them carefully. They don’t even operate like usual arts and craft festivals where once you’ve passed the jury process, your spot is reserved. Every artist and craftsman applies every year and the selection committee picks an assortment of vendors that fit their needs that year.

Now, if I don’t get in, it’s no big whoop. I mean, in the end I’ll probably wind up saving money staying here. I’m applying because if I do this show, it would be lots (and I mean LOTS) of exposure in a very artistic area. It’s more about getting my name out and gaining a reputation in a very large artistic community, which is part of a grand master business plan about which I openly admit I’m a bit hazy on the details.

Part of the process is that I have to send in five pictures of examples of my work. I can’t ‘shop together a photo collage, but I can group items for a single picture. I can’t direct them here or to my Etsy shops as a sort of gallery. Five individual pictures to showcase what I do, what I sell, and what I can bring to their fair.

No pressure.

So I’ve grouped the items into five pictures of what I think is a good representation of the kind of things I would bring to the show: Saints, ponies, booties, cup cozies, and traditional knit/embroidery. What I need is input on which are the best pictures of those items to submit. I spent the morning with my head in the light box and I’m convinced my pictures are shit, my work is amateurish, and quite frankly, feeling a bit over my head with this whole thing. I have no idea which pics to choose because I spent the morning working on it and these are the best I could do. I’m stumped.

Help me choose. Or tell me to start the fuck over. I don’t think I have an eye for this, honestly.

So, picture one is of cozies. Coffee mug, travel mug, and water bottle. Click the pictures to embiggen them and then vote on the most appealing one.





Cozies -- three

Cozies — three

Next up is examples of lightweight knitting and embroidery. I’m going to focus on lightweight items since it’s a summer show. I’ve already had feedback that the hoop should go because it pulls focus, or that it doesn’t fit…I’m not sure. I like how the colors work. I’m going to re-shoot these when my model gets home from school.

Crafty -- one

Crafty — one

Crafty -- two
Crafty — two

Category three is Dead Ponies.

Ponies -- one

Ponies — one

Ponies --two

Ponies –two

Ponies --three

Ponies –three

And Saints. You know the drill.

Saints -- one

Saints — one

Saints --two

Saints –two

Saints -- three

Saints — three

Saints -- four

Saints — four

Almost done. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Last grouping is booties. Have at it.

Booties -- one

Booties — one

Booties --two

Booties –two

Booties -- three

Booties — three

To quote the Bloodhound Gang, I appreciate your input.

If you have any suggestions for me, you can leave them in the comments. Thanks! Wish me luck!

UPDATE! Okay, thanks to some wonderful feedback, I shot a few more pictures. Seems the biggest issues were with the ponies being too busy, the saints not being lit well, and that damn cowl. So here are a few more choices, if you would.

Crafty -- four

Crafty — four

Crafty -- five

Crafty — five


Crafty -- six

Crafty — six

Ponies -- four

Ponies — four

Ponies -- five

Ponies — five


Saints -- five

Saints — five


Saints -- six

Saints — six

Thanks again!



1. esscentualalchemy - January 31, 2013

cozies 1 or 2 not sure.
leaning towards crafty 2 cause of the close up on the needlework, but I like model in number 1.
ponies 3
saints 1
booties 2.

This was a wierd sports game 😉

2. pink turtle - January 31, 2013

I meant to vote three on the Saints but I hit the wrong button.

3. Knitorious drivel - January 31, 2013

cozies: liking the angle of picture on 1. creates a nice shadow and gives some depth to the shot. nice colors

lightweight – like 1, again the light/shadow is good, but agree with removing embroidery – maybe you can fit in some socks somewhere?

dead ponies: I think the pictures are hard to understand….of course, they may find dead ponies hard to understand in general, but maybe switching the left pony with the back pony would be clearer?

saints – again wondering if switching Lion with bald saint might work better from a contrast point of view. The lion is kind of hard to see. Or maybe just a bit more light in general

booties – love shot number 3

4. knittingcat - January 31, 2013

If you could turn the cup so that the handle is on the right, there will be more focus on your work.

5. florapie - January 31, 2013

I like the second batch of cowl pics-in the first set, with the focus on the embroidery hoop, I can hardly see the knitting and don’t realize that’s something you’re selling.
I hate to say this about the dead ponies, because they are awesome in a dead pony way, but I wouldn’t include a photo of them at all because I think they detract from the rest of your work. Everything else is very saleable, but the ponies have a limited niche market, and I can’t see them being overly popular at a chi chi juried show.

6. PICAdrienne - January 31, 2013

It would be nice to have only two or three pair of booties in the picture, and not have any of the booties cut off. They are really cute, but too crowded

7. Anne Frank Never Flew Coach | askpoopsplease - July 19, 2013

[…] to NH after four lovely days in the greater Seattle area. Remember back when I told y’all I was applying for this big craft fair out there and asked you to help with my application pictures? Well, I didn’t get in. “The […]

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