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Christmas in Canterbury November 17, 2012

Posted by J. in Genius.


November 23 – December 9
Open Mon – Thurs 11 – 4 and 9 – 6 Fri – Sun.

23 Clough Tavern Road, just off Old Tilton Road in scenic Canterbury, New Hampshire

So, this is the big event I’ve been working super-hard getting ready for. It’s just down the road from my house in Canterbury in a big Colonial farmhouse. Naomi Scanlon does a bang-up job decorating for the holidays and setting up five rooms of this enormous old house as a Christmas gift shop.

I’ve done this show/fair/shop a couple of times, but it’s always the last one on my craft show circuit, and by this time, I’m usually pretty much out of stock. But this year, I didn’t do any craft fairs, and I scheduled myself a two-week block to just make things for this show specifically.

I concentrated on felted mittens and baby booties. Thursday was drop-off day and when I finished the last of the stitching, I ended with 8 pair of felted mittens, 9 pair of booties, plus some mittens I pulled from stock and four mugs with knit liners I decided to try out to see how (or if) they sell.

Baby booties are sized to fit newborn to 3 months and I can embroider just about anything on them and do them in any colors.

The mittens are knit large and felted in the washing machine, and I embellish them with embroidery, felt applique, buttons, needle felted details, beads…you name it. I can also do these in any color and just about any design you can think up.


I spent Thursday tagging everything for the sale, writing up the inventory, and packing it up carefully. It’s all at the farm now waiting for the show to begin.

I saw a few things that were dropped off, including some gorgeous pottery, homemade preserves, quilted things of some sort, cards, and ornaments. If previous years are any indication, it’s going to be a great shopping experience. It’s like a boutique craft fair experience. There are refreshments, too! Oh, and Thursday, December 6th, she’s having a “Man Night” at the farm with plenty of guy snacks and lots of help available for guys to come by and pick out something unique and wonderful for their wimmens.

So if you were wondering why there hasn’t been much blogging, it’s that I’ve been knitting and embroidering myself blind every day. I get up at 6:30 and work until 11 most nights. Makes for a long day, but there’s a lot to show for it. Here’s hoping it all sells!



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