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Stop and Smell the Bacon June 19, 2011

Posted by J. in Domesticity, Genius.

June is just an absolute clusterfuck of a month around here.

Mary and Dave have birthdays.  Dad has a birthday.  Father’s Day, last day of school, end of year concerts, awards ceremonies, retirements, graduations, and to top it all off, it’s the very height of the summer social season.  It seems like everyone’s schedules sound just like my family’s, so I know you probably know exactly what I mean when I tell you that quite frankly, I’m exhausted.

I’m sitting here waiting for the bacon in the oven to get nicely crisp so I can add it to the gigantic pasta salad in the fridge and a big pan of onions is caramelizing nicely on the stove in preparation for cooking out later tonight.  It’s magically quiet here;  no TV, no kids, just the drone of someone’s ever-running lawnmower, the sizzle of bacon and onions, and the clackity-clack of the keyboard.  Larry took the kids over to his Dad’s for a visit and in these couple hours of calm and quiet with no kids underfoot and no one needing me for anything, I’m alone with the thoughts in my head.

I’m hoping this quiet productivity is a precursor of the school year to come.  Both girls will be in school all day come August and Dave will be gone for a few hours in the morning every day, so the ability to be productive should increase tenfold.   As it is, as soon as the onions are done and this post is wrapped up, I’m going to run outside to the sunshine and take a bunch of pictures of some more things I have to list.   Craft fair season is coming up quickly!  Old Home Day is the first Saturday of August this year (mark your calendars!) and I’ve already got my sign-up sheet for the BHS fair in November.  I’m hoping to do at least six fairs this year, so I know I have to get busy and stay busy.

But then June as a month has been so busy all on its own, it seems I haven’t had a lot of time to just sit and process all the things going on.  It’s such a time of flux.  Things are ending, things are beginning, time is marching steadily on and I look out the windows at the overgrown greenery in the backyard and realize I’m getting old because it seems like the view out the window was cold and snowy just yesterday.  And I know that the time between in being cold and snowy again is shorter than I think, and I sigh.  Not because I love summer and I’ll miss it, but because the change of seasons seems to speed up when I’m not paying attention.  And I’m not in any rush.

Today, I’m going to finish up these few little projects while the getting is good, and then I’m going to sit back, take stock of a life in flux, and try to remember to smell the flowers while they bloom.

Or the bacon, as the case may be.



1. bezzie - June 19, 2011

Well June 21 is Tuesday and then the days start getting shorter. 😉

2. Pippa Posey - July 11, 2011

Miss you poops. I’m having a lack of witty words posted by “Poops” withdrawals. *sigh*

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