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Computer Herpes May 25, 2011

Posted by J. in FYI, Genius, Sticks and String.

I have a love/hate relationship with computers.  On the one hand, life is SO much easier with it.  I can still do a lot of the same things in real life that I did before I had a computer, but it takes longer and the results sometimes aren’t quite as good.

I never realize how much I love the computer age until mine goes down.  You might as well tie one hand behind my back and ask me to make you a scarf.  I’m not saying I couldn’t do it.  But it’s going to take a lot longer and there will be swearing.  Maybe some crying, too.

Sister and I went out for a bit on Saturday to do some shopping and have lunch.  We had just settled down for a bite to eat when the phone rings.  It’s Larry.  We have a virus.  “Don’t do anything.  Shut it down.  I’ll look at it when I get home.”

"This computer...is clean."

I looked at it when I got home.  Bad virus.  Sister looked at it and dicked around with it for over an hour.  I played with again when I got home from church.  I worked on it Sunday morning, and then again well into Sunday night.  On Monday, I was finally able to find an unlocked back door and I slipped in and started poking things with a stick and I managed after about 6 hours to get rid of the virus.  My programs had disappeared too, and all my files and folders were empty, but at least the thing was clean.

Tuesday morning, through sheer dumb luck, I managed to get my browser open, and after catching up on my emails and such, I went to a friendly forum and vented my spleen in a profanity-laced tirade about computer viruses.

“Oh, I had that virus,” one of my online peeps said.  “Just do this, this, and that and you’ll be good as new.”

It was simple as pie and in less than five minutes I had everything back.

All there is to know in the world is out there somewhere and I love that I can (usually) get to it with just a keyboard and mouse.  And a modem.  And some wires and junk.  Mebbe some software.

There is a great sense of satisfaction to fixing things that are broken, but it was a damn stressful few days.  Of course, the computer would get the herpes when I was in the middle of at least three things that sort of demanded my attention.

I finished a special order that needed to be listed.  I was negotiating a second order for two items.  I had four or items in the process of being listed on evenbadgers.   I couldn’t do any of this without a computer, and yet the computer was actually making all of this work harder to do at that moment.

Eh.  Anyway, the thing is fixed and I finally got all my stuff listed at evenbadgers.

Now, knowing that I have only a small readership and I can be pretty sure that this won’t result in thousands of people visiting and crashing the site, I am going to direct your attention to my new little fledgling shop.

Click the portkey here to visit my new shop. It's still in beta, so please ignore the sawdust on the floor, the artfully draped drop cloths, and the fact that some of the faucets and door handles don't quite work yet. K?

“In beta” means that we’re still working the bugs out.  You’ll find that the pages load slowly, even with a wicked fast connection, so just be patient.  If you want to check it out, and God love you if you do, please keep in mind that part of me having a lifetime free shop as a charter member is that I do my part to help work the bugs out. That means that on my end, I never pay a listing fee or a final fee no matter how much I sell.  It’s the reward for helping get the site set up and running smoothly, which is kind of like trying to do business in a building that is still under construction.

On your end, it means things might not seem fantastic, but maybe you can see the potential for what it’s going to be when it’s all done.  If you stop by, let me know what you find out.  Did you get any error messages?  Did pictures appear or disappear?  Could you navigate it okay?  How long did it take for the pages to load on average?  That kind of info (believe it or not) goes a long way in helping us make it better.

I have to say, too, that at first I wasn’t so sure that would happen.  I won’t go into a litany of all the stuff I encountered in just getting set up as far as I am now, but suffice it to say that if the improvements made so far are any indication of the rate in which bugs are fixed, I feel pretty confident that by the time I’m in full Fall craft fair mode, my shop on evenbadgers will be as right as the mail.  *fingers crossed*

So, if you do want to stop in and take a peek and check out how things are progressing, that would be awesomeballs.  In fact, just to say thanks and because I can, I’m giving a coupon code to anyone within the sound of my voice.  The coupon code BETABADGERS1 will get you 15% off your purchase in either my Etsy shop or my evenbadgers shop.  (You can access my Etsy shop through the portkey on the sidebar over there >>>.)

Any feedback you leave will certainly be taken into account, and if it’s something I can’t control myself, I’ll pass it on to the Powers That Be.

If you’re not inclined to check it out just yet or you tried and got frustrated, I totally understand.  Here’s a few new things I’ve just put up over the last few days…

A merino wool slouch hat modeled by the winsome Emmaline Beaudalaire.

The peace signs are only upside down when you are performing the "Alas, poor Yorick" speech from Hamlet with a head of cabbage.

A slouchy hat in a wool blend modeled by the effervescent Buggy Woo.

Baby bonnet in 100% angora. Totally practical for a new baby. Totally.

And finally, how about a little sneak peek of some upcoming things?  Cool?

As I’ve mentioned in the past, every month our April’s Army team on Etsy puts together a collective shop of donated items with the proceeds going to benefit a fellow crafter in need.  The deadline for submitted items is tomorrow and mine are already in.  The doors don’t open until Monday, but here’s my contribution:

I call this The Thinly Veiled Collection. I like to think of them as snark merit badges.

Those five are for charity.  But because I was assured that there would be fist fights over them, I made five more to sell in my evenbadgers shop.  I’ll list these on Monday when the April’s Army shop opens:

Collect them all!

(I know the “suck it” one with the lemons didn’t photograph well.  I actually went ahead and added a bit of darker green to the lettering just to make it “pop”.  In case you were wondering.  I didn’t want you to lose sleep.)

So that’s all for now.  In the middle of my computer crisis and sudden dramatic upswing in knitting work, I’m also in the process of winding Dave’s Early Childhood Intervention therapy down and getting geared up for preschool, still working on coordinating his impending tests at the hands of specialists, and wrapping up the school year with the girls.  It seems like there are special events around every corner these days: baptism, graduations, birthdays, showers…the Summer Social Season is upon us!

Jesus, I need a drink.



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