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Oh, Hell and Damn May 17, 2011

Posted by J. in Genius.

This is just NOT working for me lately, and I don’t know why. I think my creativity is running more in the Make Things mode than in the Write About Things mode. I’m not feeling very inspired in my writing lately is all.

In the Making of Stuff, though, I’m going like a house afire. I finished a couple of small knitting projects that if, God willing, the sun ever comes out I’ll photograph and show off a bit. I’ve created a couple of new things that are just for fun based on stuff that was discussed in forums here and there and not like my usual knitted items.

I know that fora is the proper pluralization of forum, but it seems odd and awkward to me. And a bit pretentious. I’m just going to leave that there…

So you wanna see what I’ve been making with my hands when the words won’t come? To hell with you, I’ll show you anyway.

There is a ton of needlework on Etsy. The thing I’ve noticed is that most of it is very simple backstitching on unremarkable fabric, very little if any detail or technique, framed in a wooden hoop and sold for ungodly sums of money. Simply put, they’re production items. The crafter can make a bunch of them fairly quickly and list a lot of them.

I’m a knitter. I don’t do production items.

Magic Mushroom Booties by Poops

But I do embroider booties. You’ve seen them, right? I knit the little booties with not much yarn and then stitch on a little embroidered sole. I made a pair for a baby shower once in 2.5 hours. I guess you could say that’s the closest I’ve come to having something I can “crank out”.

So one day we’re talking about these expensive embroidered things and I got it in my head to cut out a circle of felt, embroider it like I would the sole of a bootie and make it into a patch or a pin or something. I loved the mushroom booties, so inspired by Alice in Wonderland, I made a mushroom patch and showed it off.

"Mushroom" by Poops, first in the Thinly Veiled Collection

‘Twas a hit.

So I made five different ones to put in the April’s Army May Shop which I believe opens on Monday. Don’t quote me, though; I’ll get back to you on that.

Twelve bucks each, you can choose if you want a pin back, a magnet back, or just plain to stitch or glue to whatever you want.

Then I made five more to sell in my evenbadgers shop. The store is coming along there. Once my new things are in I’ll invite you over for a Beta peek at it. It still loads slowly and there are a couple of issues I want to hammer out sooner rather than later, but it’s coming.

The Thinly Veiled Collection, First Series, available only in the April's Army May Charity Shop

The Thinly Veiled Collection, Second Series, available in my evenbadgers shop as soon as I can get them ready.

That’s part of what’s been keeping me from composing brilliant and inspired posts here. I get limited time on the computer these days, and what I do get I have to use to my best advantage. And while my Etsy shop isn’t my job, I’ve taken a couple of special orders recently and every bit of money coming in does help a lot.

Now, if the sun would just come out so I could take some pictures!

Dave’s been keeping me busy lately, too. He’s so very into learning new things these days. He knows all of his lower and upper case letters and his numbers 1 – 9. He’s starting to pick out sight words as well, and just this past week he seems like he’s been really trying so hard to imitate the sounds I make. He’s not there yet and he gives up so quickly, but there’s still hope.

And he’s had appointments! We still have therapy once a week, plus I’ve been to school to meet about getting him tested for preschool. He’ll be put through his paces on Thursday by the preschool team. He had a swallow test at the hospital and passed with flying colors, so he’s structurally sound in the ENT department. He still has a bunch of tests to do up at Dartmouth, but the pediatrician has to make the referrals and there’s not a huge rush just yet.

So many things to keep track of.

I’m going to let the blogging slide a bit until I really get some thoughts together. Sometimes it’s good to let stuff go that’s really just me putting pressure on myself for no good reason. Yes, it’s good discipline for me to write to a topic on a deadline, but since no one is paying me…well, you get the general idea.  I think if I don’t need the extra stress I probably shouldn’t take it on.

That’s the smartest bit of wisdom I’ve managed to crank out in days, I think.

I am having a good time finding really neat things to showcase on Etsy, so I’ll keep doing that.  It’s easy, and if it sends some traffic to other creative types trying to earn a few ducats to buy more yarn, findings, or polymer clay, it’s a good thing.

Now, I have to go finish a pair of mittens.  Time’s a-wastin’!



1. Trillian42 - May 17, 2011

Oh my GOD! Those are freaking BRILLIANT!!!

I’m glad to hear things are moving along with Dave, too. He’s a lucky kid to have you in his corner.

2. Yorkie - May 18, 2011

Glad to hear Dave’s on the move. Maybe once he gets around other talking kids he’ll be inspired to give it a go. That was the best therapy we had for Max when he had speech problems…sort of like peer pressure.

I wouldn’t worry about the blogging…we know where to find your brilliance should the need arise! Maybe you could run the “Best Of…” whilst you’re crafting away! 🙂

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