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WTF Friday: Someone Get Poops a Calendar February 18, 2011

Posted by J. in FYI, Genius.

Did you know that today is Friday, or am I the only one whose days are so mind-numbingly boring that I have to look up what day it is on a regular basis?

Every day is casual Friday at Ask Poops, Please! C'mon in, take off your pants and pour yourself a cold one...

I ask, because up until about lunchtime, I thought yesterday was Friday. Why did no one mention that WTF Friday was posted on Thursday?

Did no one else notice it was not, in fact, Friday at all?

Perhaps y’all were just too polite to mention my little gaffe.

Maybe that you figured I must have had a good reason for posting a day early.

Oh, my God, you didn’t think I’d taken to drunk posting, did you?

I know!  You’re hip to the whole “my blog, my rules” dictatorship I got goin’ on up here in this thing and you were afraid I’d cut a bitch for steppin’ outta line.

WTF, Poops?

Seriously.  What the fuck kind of meaningless life do you have when you don’t even know what goddamn day of the week it is until nearly noontime?


I wonder if there’s a way to make my computer display the date and day of the week across the whole screen when I turn it on.  It would be seriously cool (not to mention helpful) to be greeted by this first thing every day:

The "you dumb bitch" is implied, of course.


Then, at least if I mess up and post on the wrong day, you’ll know it’s not because I didn’t know what day it was.  All you’ll have to say is, “Yes, Poops, we know.  It’s five o’clock somewhere.”



1. Stephanie - February 18, 2011

I noticed – I figured you were going to be too busy to post today and posted early, so we wouldn’t be deprived of WTF Friday this week!

2. Jenn Grden - February 18, 2011

Hell, I thought yesterday was Saturday. And next week kid #1 has no school all week, I’ll be so confused it will probably be painful. BUT we do retain the amazing stockpile of information of where that particular “thing” that every individual we live with needs RIGHT NOW and is so irrevocably lost actually is at all times so we still win!

3. Yorkie - February 18, 2011

It actually was Friday here when I read your post, so for me, there wasn’t anything askew! Maybe you’re already on GMT+1 in your head… 🙂

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