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Stop the Presses! January 14, 2011

Posted by J. in FYI.

Here I am on WordPress!  I’ve decided to make the switch from Blogger.  I’m not against Blogger in any way, but I like all the extra stuff there is to play with here.  I think my blogging ability has progressed to the point where I can handle the dizzying array of options.  When I first started out, this format seemed too daunting, but I’m a big girl now and Very Brave on Teh Interwebz.

Don't have a cow, dude.

Also, there are a few glitchy issues with Blogger that still bug me from time to time, and I’ve found WordPress doesn’t have those same issues.  Probably different ones, though.  It wouldn’t surprise me.

I use a WordPress-powered site for my other blog.  What secret blog you ask?  My super-seeeeecret blog that only a few people know about.  I discuss very adult things over there in a very adult manner that would likely be considered offensive my some and is truly not for the faint of heart.  Or children.  Or children who are faint of heart.  I have installed a rigorous screening process that keeps the prudes out.  Here’s how it works:  there’s a heavy door in the side alley of an abandoned and apparently run-down brothel.  There are no knobs or hinges, but if you know the secret knock and execute it correctly, a sliding panel opens with a hiss and a click.  A stunningly handsome and generously endowed young man wearing only assless chaps and a pair of nipple clamps will wait for you to give the password, and then if (and only if) he likes the look of you, he might let you in.  His name is Lexxx Muffstuffer and he’s pretty selective.  If he looks disinterested, you can try flashing him.  I don’t make any promises, though.

The only way this guy is getting in is if that's a brick of hash under his arm.

So, the first order of business, besides setting up the new site, is to do some traffic direction.  It seems that Blogger will let me transfer the content of the blog but not the photos, so I think I’ll just use the handy linking feature and let you go back over there at will and view my earlier posts in their natural habitat.  And then I’ll go there and tell you to come here when you’re done.

It’s a lot of work.  I had better get at it.



1. Sade - January 14, 2011

I’ll be adding your new address to my reader.

Hope you enjoy the ride!

Also, you might consider a bit wider lay out, maybe, perhaps, if I ask nicely and make puppy eyes? This one barely uses half my screen. Such a narrow text column.

2. Shelly - January 20, 2011

I feel I’m missing something by not knowing the secret handshake. 😉

poopslacey - January 21, 2011

Before I give you the password and the secret handshake, I need you to verify that you are over 18 and not easily shocked or offended. Plus, you must promise to giggle like a school girl when Lexxx Muffstuffer tells you to spread ’em before frisking you for a wire…

3. Shelly - January 24, 2011

Snort. I hereby swear that I am (far) over 18, not much shocks me, and I can giggle with the best of ’em.

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